Day 3: just the skeleton left!

There was more careful removal of the roof panels atop the Liam Daish Stand at Stonebridge Road today as workers took down the bulk of the sheeting that faces the road itself.

The roof of the stand resembles little more than a skeleton now, with the front panels (those facing into the ground) remaining but the side and back panels now gone completely. The side panels at the back of the stand are also gone, meaning that the entire facade is now ‘see through’, with the road visible from the pitch and vice versa.

The cast-off panels aren’t going to waste, however. They are being taken on a short trip across the pitch (or what’s left of the pitch) to be re-used on top of the existing Main Stand to replace the older roof on that for the duration of its remaining existence.

The advertising hoardings and banners have also been removed and carefully stored in preparation for demolition of the terraces and surrounding wall.

Don’t forget you can view all our stand-construction images via the banner link at the top of every EUFC web page.

day3-panels-removed day3-roof-removal


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