Day 17: breaking up is hard to do

As anyone who has driven past the stadium over the Bank Holiday weekend will have noticed, the tea bars and remaining structures by the Stonebridge Road side of the ground have now been completely demolished, with lumps of terracing, a crush barrier and the surrounding wall all that remains of the stand.

In the face of the autumnal weather conditions of late, despite our calendar clearly indicating June and the beginning of the British summer, the work crew have been striving to flatten the site in stages, with two excavators breaking up the terracing and walling from either side of the stand.

In tandem with the stand work, head groundsman Craig Freeman and his team also continue to tend to the pitch with the deadline of August 6th for the first 2016/17 fixtures already looming!

We have added a few more images to our stadium gallery, accessible via the link at the top of each website page.



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