Club warns against stand graffiti

The club has been made aware today that a large amount of graffiti was left on the steel superstructure presently taking shape inside Stonebridge Road.

Given that this appears to have taken place outside of our opening hours and without authorisation to the site, it is both trespass and criminal damage and the club is within its rights to contact police to safeguard our private property – especially at a time when we are busy trying to prepare the fit-out of the new stand.

Quite apart from the graffiti, there is also the matter of safety – and trespassers should note that a building site is not a particularly safe environment, with a high risk of injury.

Without wishing to seem heavy-handed in its approach, given the risk of injury, potential liability and the damage to private property, the club is adamant that all incidents will be dealt with via police action.


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