Charles makes Underhill return

Barnet striker Elliott Charles ends his loan period early…

The dismissal of Fleet’s on-loan Barnet striker Elliott Charles during last Saturday’s game has resulted in a ban that will result in him not being able to represent us again during his current loan period.

As a result Liam Daish has initiated his early return to Underhill. Barnet could have insisted that the player stay with us for the full period of the loan so should be commended for accepting the striker’s early return and saving the club having to pay a wage with the player unable to play – he will of course also have to serve his suspension elsewhere.

This will mean that the Fleet boss will again be on the lookout for a striker that he hopes to secure before our next league match at York.

Charles appeared three times for the Fleet, making his debut at Barrow and also playing at Bromley and against Wrexham.


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Ed Miller

Ed Miller

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