Boss launches budget appeal

Liam Daish has appealed to fans for more financial backing.

The Fleet boss commented in a direct appeal to Fleet supporters: “I am sure you are all aware we have had Joe Welch playing for us, with Preston’s injury reiterating the fact that we need two competent goalkeepers going into the league we are now back in. I would not feel comfortable as I have said in the league we are in now and what it brings with not only the toughness of it, the long trips, overnight stays, and of course transfer windows, if I had only one recognised goalkeeper and possibly a PASE keeper as back-up.

“I’d like to offer Joe a contract for next season to give us real competition, cover and peace of mind that if anything happens to either Joe or Preston we have competent back-up. I would not like to be in a position, say, waking up away at Barrow and being told that my goalkeeper has come down with something overnight and was unable to play, or on a Thursday night training session I lose my keeper and have to try and find a replacement on Friday for a game on Saturday. Believe me – these scenarios happen.

“I also believe real competion is very important in this position bearing in mind the age of Preston.

“Therefore I think we really have to get momentum going in raising money to be able to do this. With Joe in place I will have 16 players, which is short in numbers and depth for a squad in the Blue Square Premier. We may be able to get by in the BSS, but not in the Premier.

“I am pretty near to budget now, and without more financial clout for the playing budget it may be a case of begging, stealing or borrowing to bulk up the squad. I have secured the bulk of last year’s squad with a few additions but I really cannot stress that we need a strong squad to start – not to finish with.

“If you remember this was the cause of our relegation in 2009/10 season.

“I know there are a lot of things going on at present but we must keep at least one eye on the squad and its needs. The injuries to Preston Edwards, Paul Lorraine and now Scott Ginty has reiterated how thin we are on bodies and a ball has not yet been kicked in real anger yet.

“I am appealing to get something moving again on SOS to help this situation. This is not a message only to MyFootballClub but to the Fleet Trust and all supporters of our football club, thank you again for all your support”.

MyFC and the Fleet Trust are looking at putting together a number of fundraisers around the push for Joe Welch. In the short term, here are the public links set up already. Any donations to these will, of course, go straight to the budget fund.

WIN: The first five people to sponsor our second goalkeeper


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