Two colours,
one club

these colours run deep

The Red and the Green

While our club’s 75th anniversary celebrates its foundation in 1946 – a merger of the Gravesend United and Northfleet United clubs – the roots of football in our locality go back much further.

Both the Gravesend and Northfleet clubs were established in the early 1890s and adopted their respective colours from their parent cricket clubs. Northfleet were formed by a nucleus of sportsmen from the town’s cricket club and they adopted the red and white colours of the Kent flag.

Gravesend United, meanwhile, inherited red and green striped shirts with white shorts from the original Gravesend FC club, which itself had borrowed that colour combination from Gravesend cricket club. Green has long been associated with the town through its original use on the coat of arms dating from the 17th century.

When the two clubs combined as Gravesend & Northfleet in 1946, it was Northfleet’s traditional colours of red and white that prevailed and have been worn by the Fleet ever since.

introducing our home shirt

Revisiting Our Past

That home red has never changed and never will. But in this 75th season, for the first time, the Fleet will incorporate a splash of green on the home shirt and dedicate the green away shirt to remember Gravesend United, the side that helped drive the merger and foundation of our present-day club.

Both shirts, designed and produced in cooperation with world leading sporting brand New Balance, will sport the Gravesend & Northfleet badge in the lower left area as well as the current club badge in its usual position.

Our foundation date of 1946 and a ’75th Anniversary’ motif will adorn either arm cuff; in the home shirt this will be overlaid on ‘Gravesend United green’ trim. On the rear, the shirts will reproduce the legend ‘Gravesend & Northfleet FC • 1946’ beneath the back neckline. The home shirt is presented with a retro-style collar while the away shirt offers an alternative V-neck option.

and our milestone away shirt

Gravesend Green

The away kit is finished in a mid-green shade with red trim around the neck and white shorts to recall the Gravesend United colours from before the Second World War. It is also the first time the Fleet have adopted a green away shirt (although we did have green as a third kit option in the 1990s and again in 2008/09).

We wanted to retain something of Gravesend United’s original stripes as well – for the home shirt it was impractical to go with a striped kit but New Balance have incorporated a darker shade of red as a vertical-line pattern on the body of the home shirt in homage to Gravesend’s stripes.

An alternative pattern of overlaying stripes in dark green is also visible on the away kit, again as a tribute to ‘the Shrimpers’ of Gravesend United.

And who better to help launch and model this souvenir 75th anniversary kit than the man who has worn more Fleet designs than any other player in history, our record appearance holder Jimmy Jackson who turned out in our shirts in two spells from 1994 to 2007, totalling an incredible 520 games…

"Here at Northfleet, we carry on a great tradition, both of sportsmanship and endeavour and where once we were red or once we were green, we play now united..."

club chaplain revd. alban johnson, 1946


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